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Guangzhou Friendship Store

Founded in 1959, Guangzhou Friendship Store is a high-level comprehensive store mainly receiving domestic consumers with high income, foreign travelers, overseas Chinese and guests from Hong Kong and Macau. For many years Guangzhou Friendship Store has offered multicolored and vogue articles and high life quality consuming to all guests. Now the store deals with more than 80,000 commodities including famous cosmetic, watch and clock, clothing, household appliance, stationery, and so on. Guangzhou Friendship Times Square Store, located in Guangzhou Times Square in Tianhe Road N., is a retail store, which is the branch of Guangzhou Friendship store. In addition, the store has begun to develop export and import business.
Address: 369Huanshi Dong Road, Guangzhou
Tel: +86-20-83576628-3503 Fax: +86-20-83572228

Guangzhou Department Store
As one of representative state-owned shopping malls in Guangzhou, Guangzhou Department Store possesses the largest children articles department, stationery department and household appliances department in Guangzhou. The newly-opened essence department mainly deals with famous cosmetics and clothing. Dongjun Department Store, one branch of Guangzhou Department Store, also provide customers a high-quality shopping environment.
Business Hours: 9:30-21:30
Address: 295 Beijing Road, Guangzhou
Tel: +86-20-83322348 Fax: +86-20-83331334

Guangzhou Xin Daxin Department Store
Guangzhou Xin Daxin Department Store locates at the joint point of Beijing Road and Zhongshan Wu Road. Its main commodities are clothes with many world-known brands so as to provide a high-class, fashionable and leisure shopping paradise for customers. It has altogether 12 business floors. The large retail store of Xin Daxin Department Store-Xin Daxin Dong Shan Plaza, locates near the Ou Zhuang Interchange with fine and high-class environment.
Address: 63 Xianlie Zhong Road, Guangzhou
Tel: 86-20-87321650 Fax: 86-20-87322238

Teem Plaza
With a total investment of 1.2 billion RMB and a gross construction area of 160,000m2,Teem Plaza is regarded as the largest, modernest and smartest shopping complex in Guangdong province. A comprehensive service is available at Teem Plaza comprising basements 1 to 3, lower ground and 1st to 7th levels of the commercial podium, including shopping, food entertainment, leisure, commerce, information, exhibition, etc.. Teem Plaza was founded on February 9, 1996 and has become the shopping hotspot of citizens and tourists. The first three floors mainly deal with clothing, the fourth for furniture, the fifth for entertainment, and the sixth and seventh for food.
Address: 208 Tianhe Road, Guangzhou
Tel: +86-20-85592818 Fax: +86-20-85590010

Beijing Road Pedestrian Shopping Street
Located in the centre of Guangzhou City, Beijing Road is where Guangzhou City was firstly built and also a prosperous trade fair in the history. In recent years, more than ten historic relics with highly cultural and historical values have been discovered in the region of Beijing Road. Nowadays, more and more stores come to Beijing Road, including Guangzhou Department Store and Guangzhou Xin Daxin Department Store. Many famous brands have also set up their branch stores in Beijing Road. Now Beijing Road is famous for its commercial atmosphere, high-level commodities, and complete equipments.

Nonglinxia Road Commercial Street
Nonglinxia Road Commercial Street, on the north of which are Huanshi Dong Road and Dongfeng Road and on the south of which are Shuqian Road and Guigang, is the shopping centre of Dongshan District. Guangzhou Wangfujing Department Store and Dongshan Department Store are both in this street. In recent years it has made such great progress that may compete with Beijing Road and Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street.

Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Shopping Street
Radiance of newly decorated Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street attracts Guangzhou people and tourists and gives people a completely new impression. The greatest feature of this street is the buildings in the style of the ancients, classical in its design. The street is a good place for shopping and entertainment. You could find all kinds of high-quality commodities at reasonable prices here.

Zhuangyuan Fang Commercial Street
Strictly speaking, Zhuangyuan Fang is only an alley, which is 200 metres long. People often ignore it because it is unconspicuous. A memorial gateway was set up at the entrance to the alley, containing a flavor of humanism. From 11am, the alley is packed with young people, who are more than ten or twenty years old. Zhuangyuan Fang is divided into many different-sized shopping arcade. And each shopping arcade is divided into more than one hundred booths, which only cover two or three square metres. The booth keepers here sell the most fashionable clothes and small ornaments made from ordinary materials at fairly low prices, ranging from ten yuan to forty yuan. Generally speaking, shopping arcades in the southern part of the alley mainly deal with clothes, and those in the northern part mainly deal with ornaments. In addition, Zhuangyuan Fang is a famous stage costume place of production. In its neighborhood there are many store selling stage costume and related materials.