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Tour in Guangzhou
Guangzhou Tour

The Guangxiao Temple
The Guangxiao Temple, located on Guangxiao Road, is the oldest and largest temple in Guangzhou. The Temple is imposing, dignified and magnificent. It is changed its name for many times. The present name was firstly used in Song Dynasty and now has a history of more than 800 years. Now there are still many historical relics, buildings, and places of interest in the Temple.

Chen Jia Temple
Located on Zhongshan Qi Road of Liwan District, Chen Jia Temple covers an area 15,000 square metres, to the east of which there is a new green square. It is called the pearl of southern artistic construction. The Temple is the fruit of Guangdong architecture art among the people. Many parts of the Temple are delicate carvings. Some of them are highest achievements of Chinese carvings. Chen Jia Temple is an important historical relic of China. In 1996, it was listed in the first place of " Ten Great Sights of Guangzhou".

Nanhai Temple of God
Situated at Miaotou, Huangpu District, Nanhai Temple of God covers an area of more than 30,000M2. It is the starting point of the marine Silk Road and has witnessed the history of sea transport and international trade in ancient China. In ancient times, when domestic and foreign ships came in or went out of Guangzhou, sailors would go to Nanhai Temple of God to pray for safety and smooth sailing. There are many historic relics in Nanhai Temple of God. Some precious historical materials about the marine Silk Road and Guangzhou were carved on stone tablets.

Guangzhou Art Museum
Located to the south of Luhu Park, Guangzhou Art Museum is one of symbols of Guangzhou culture. The building complex compromises the styles of traditional and modern architectures. Another feature of Guangzhou Art Museum is that it has 13 master departments, named after several artistic masters and famous collectors. Guangzhou museum possesses abundant collections, including traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy, bronze ware, and some precious cultural relics.

Address: to the south of Luhu Park, Guangzhou
Tel: 86-20-83507904

Baiyun Mountain
Baiyun Mountain is an ideal sightseeing place, located in the north part of Guangzhou.It is made up of more than 30 peaks and is the rest part of Nankun Mountain. Baiyun Mountain was already a famous scenic spot in Guangzhou in history. One can view the whole city proper from the height of the mountain. Renowned poets and scholars of past dynasties, such as Sushi, Yang Wanli, Wang Shizhen and others once came here and left poems and words after the visit. The mountain was named Baiyun (White Cloud) Mountain because of ' White cloud flying over Baiyuan Mountain, and gathering around its base'. 'Wind Soughing in the Pines on Baiyun Mountain' is one of the former 'Eight Sights of Guangzhou', the name coming from the sounds when wind blowing the pines on the mountain. It can be reached by the 24th and 11th Route Buses and bus service direct to the mountain is available at Yuehua Road. Baiyun Cableway direct to the peak is the first cable cars for sightseeing in the country, with a horizontal distance of 1,672 meters from each other. More than 800,000 tourists come here each year.

Guangzhou World Sight
Situated in Dongpu Town, Tianhe District, Guangzhou World Sight is a large-scale scenic spot concentrating folk culture, classical architecture, natural scenes, artistic performance and pleasure of five continents. The whole park is divided into six theatres and four play fields. The six theatres are named after world famous theatres, such as Time Square, Paris Opera House, Ancient Greek Theatre, Arabian Theatre, English Theatre, and Japanese Theatre. Different performances are circularly held for 12 hours everyday.

Address: Daguan Road, Dongpu, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Tel: 86-20-82373888

Xiangjiang Wild Animal World
Located in Dashi Town, Panyu City, Xiangjiang Wild Animal World is a large-scale scenic spot composed of protection, research, breeding of animals and plants, and tourism and science education. There are more than 300 species of animals in the zoo of 130 hectares. The zoo not only breeds domestic species of animals, but also imports some rare species from South Africa and Thailand. The whole zoo is divided into two districts. One is for tourists to visit by bus, but the other on foot. Five animal shows are circularly held each day. And Children's Paradise and Game Center are also welcome by tourists, especially children.
Address: Li Village, Dashi Town, Panyu
Tel: 86-20-84783333
Business Hours: 9:00-17:30