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Travel in Guangdong
Four Famous Mountains in Guangdong

Luofu Mountain

Luofu Mountain, one of ten famous Taoist mountains in China, is also called "First mountain of South China" because the historian Si Ma Qian thought it as No.1 mountain of Guangdong. It is also called Dongqiao Mountain. The total scenery area is 260 square kilometers, including 432 peaks, 980 beautiful waterfalls, 18 caves, 72 exotic rocks.

It costs one and a half hours to take bus from Guangzhou to Luofu Mountain. The price of admission ticket is 50 yuan (60 yuan for holidays).

Xiqiao Mountain

Xiqiao Mountain is not famous for its height, but for its surpassing beauty. Located in southwest part of Nanhai City, Guangdong, it is 346 meters high and has 72 peaks, covering an area of 140,000 square kilometers. In ancient dynasties, many scholars set up academies of classical learning in Xiqiao Mountain. There are four academies in the mountain, Yungu Academy, Dake Academy, Shiquan Academy, Sifeng Academy.

The price of admission ticket to Xiqiao National Forrest Park is 40 yuan and the price of admission ticket to Baiyun Cave is 15 yuan.

The distance between Xiqiao Mountain and Guangzhou is only 45 kilometers. There is a bus to Xiqiao Mountain every half hour at Guangzhou Fangcun Passenger Station and Guangfu Passenger Station.

Dinghu Mountain

More than 400-year-old regional vegetation is completely protected in Dinghu Mountain, so the mountain is called "Oasis of the Desert on the Tropic of Cancer".

The distance between Dinghu Mountain and Zhaoqing City is 18 kilometers. There are many buses direct to Dinghu Mountain. The price of admission ticket is 30 yuan.

Danxia Mountain

Located in the northeast part of Shaoguan, Danxia Mountain is famous for "Chi Bi Dan Cliff". The distant view of the red cliff is just like red cloud, and the close view is a riot of colors. The rocks of Danxia Mountain are in purplish red and are called Danxia Landform. Danxia Mountain is the most beautiful among more than 300 Danxia Landforms in China and is called China Red Rock Park.

The distance between Danxia Mountain and Shaoguan is only 50 kilometers and it takes 40 minutes by bus. Tourists could live in the inn at the foot of the mountain or in the mountain. It's better for you to live in the mountain if you want to enjoy sunrise.